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Welcome to the Fall Into Fantasy Tour, where we are keeping your mind off any end-of-summer blues and welcoming the cooler weather by introducing you to some incredible fantasy reads to curl up with and giving you plenty of chances to win awesome prizes!

Week 1: The Darkness & Light Series

Book One: First of Her Kind

Book Two: Emergence

Book Three: Edge of Darkness (Release date 2015)

First of Her Kind


It seems everyone wants to dictate what Ciara does with her life:  Serve the Goddess, destroy the Goddess, do as you promised your aunt — all Ciara really wants is to keep the two magics she possesses from ripping her apart.

And that’s not going to be easy.

Not only is her earth magic in complete opposition to her other power, blood ties pull her in divergent directions as well. And then there’s Bolin, the man sworn to protect her. There’s no denying the growing attraction between them, but is it Ciara he wants, or her power?

None of which will matter if Ciara can’t overcome her fear and learn how to use her gifts. No one knows the depths of the ancient power she possesses, or what will happen if it manages to escape her control. Will she lose herself entirely? Or be forever caught between Darkness and Light?

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The battle for Ciara’s power has drawn the full attention of the Emperor and the Imperial Mages, forcing Bolin to put duty above safety and take her to Nisair. It won’t be an easy trip, even with an Imperial escort and a Galysian elder accompanying them. Especially since Donovan has found himself some new allies, one of who wields a dark magic that has literally gotten under Bolin’s skin.

For Ciara, coming to terms with the increasingly tangible manifestation of her power could destroy her. Even if they make it to Nisair–something that grows more unlikely by the day–there is no surety of safety for Ciara, or any of them. Not with Donovan willing to gamble everything to achieve his goals, or Bolin’s uncharacteristically reckless behavior, the result of which is the attention of something that has everyone worried.

Loyalties will be tested, lives will be lost, and no one will emerge unchanged as they find things are not always so clear on the line dividing Darkness and Light.

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 K. L. Schwengel lives in southeast Wisconsin on a small farm with her husband, a handful of Australian Shepherds, Her Royal Highness Princess Fiona the Cat, and assorted livestock. Growing up as the youngest of nine children, and the daughter of a librarian, Kathi spent many hours between stacks of books, and secluded away in dusty archives, drawn to tales of medieval heroes and conquering knights. With so many characters and ideas spinning in her head, she had to get them onto paper or risk what little sanity she possessed. She has been penning wild tales of magic and mayhem as long as she can remember, but opted to follow her artistic muse first. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts and spending many years working as a freelance artist, grocery clerk, art teacher, graphic designer, stable hand, advertising account coordinator, dog trainer, and process technician (among other things) she answered the call of her writing muse. When not writing, Kathi trains and trials working Australian Shepherds, still paints, dabbles in photography, graphic design, and anything else creative her assorted muses send her way.

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KDP Select

I’ve withdrawn The Secret Dead from Smashwords (and therefore B&N, Kobo etc) as it will be going into Amazon’s KDP Select programme and Amazon requires exclusivity to participate.
I’m doing this as it hasn’t had many sales outside Amazon, and going into KDP will allow readers to borrow it. 
If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

Darkling Tales

The Secret Dead is on Darkling Tales today!
I was really pleased when I was invited to feature and not just because of the promo opportunity.

Darkling Tales features excerpts and shorts from “writers & authors of all things dark, paranormal and just plain weird”

Just my sort of thing. I suspect I’m going to find a good few new favourite authors off their site.

Take a look:  Darkling Tales

In which I finally provide some updates

Anyone paying attention (and there may be at least one of you) will have noticed that I haven’t been providing a lot of updates recently. This is been due to me working flat out on the sequel to The Secret Dead and not spending time on luxuries like the internet, or sleeping.

The book (which was going to be titled Hag, but I’m not now so sure about) is sort of finished,  but needed some outside eyes and I needed a short break from it. So, in the last week, I have:

*Visited the Comics Unmasked exhibition at the British Library.  Verdict: Highly recommended. Of course, I love love love comics and graphic novels, so I may be prejudiced. It’s a fascinating exhibit displaying comics and their evolution over the centuries. It ends on 19 August, so get in quickly if you want to go. comics unmasked

*Flown all the way from summer to winter.  Brrr.  I had a really bad flight due to what I thought was a particularly uncomfortable seat and overheated plane, but was actually caused by:

*the fever and back pain of a nasty kidney infection which laid me out flat for a couple of days. (Boo! Hiss!)  I am fortunately now on the mend, and all ready to tackle the next edit of May-Or-May-Not-Be-Named-Hag.

*I also finally finished the new The Secret Dead cover in preparation for the relaunch with May-Or-May-Not-Be-Named-Hag. This will be revealed soon! Yay!

Review — Titus Andronicus at the Globe

I love theatre, and I love Shakespeare so I can’t really explain why last night was my first visit to the Globe, considering I’ve been living in London more than ten years,

Titus Andronicus is one of Shakespeare’s lesser known plays and until recently I didn’t even know much about it. It was only after I booked the tickets that I found out this particular production is so gory audience members have been fainting.

I am very squeamish. I like horror if it’s the tension-building kind, but I can’t watch splatterfests, and I was a little apprehensive about seeing it.

Titus Andronicus lived up to the hype. It was bloody. There was plenty of murder, a couple of rapes, people kept getting appendages chopped off, and let’s not leave out the cannibalism. Blood dripped onto the stage within the first five minutes, and it just kept coming.

Someone in the audience fainted.

But it wasn’t me. It was one of the groundlings, and considering the heat and how packed it was down there, it’s possible the fainting fit wasn’t down to the gore. But it probably was.

The production was very good. I can’t fault a single performance. The atmosphere, venue and set were brilliant, but ultimately I wasn’t crazy about it.

I usually love Shakespeare, but this just wasn’t one of his best. It was supposedly written to satisfy a vogue for bloodthirsty plays, and it shows.

There were a handful of lighter moments, most notably these famous lines (which brilliantly combine Shakespeare’s talent for insults with his skill for smutty innuendo):

Demetrius: Villain, what hast thou done?

Aaron: That which thou canst not undo.

Chiron: Thou hast undone our mother.

Aaron: Villain, I have done thy mother.

I’ve been lucky enough to have seen some extraordinary Shakespearian productions on stage (Ian McKellan as King Lear, and then Patrick Stewart as Macbeth immediately spring to mind), but unfortunately there is a reason Titus Andronicus is one of the lesser known plays. I’m glad I’ve seen it, but unlike King Lear, Macbeth or many of his others, I wouldn’t be interested in seeing it again. Very much a been there, done that kind of thing.

Final verdict: See it if you like gore, are a serious Shakespeare fan, and/or want to see Shakespeare at the Globe in London. Give it a miss if you are squeamish, or are able to wait until next year’s season to see something at the Globe.

Book Basset promo sale

Sale extended!

I had a Book Basset promo at a sale price of $0.99 go out on Friday which has boosted my sales nicely.

The price was supposed to go back to $3.99 today but I’ve decided to extend it to Wednesday to give those readers who wanted to try a sample first the opportunity to still get a good deal.

So if you’re still on the fence, you’ve got a few more days to grab a cheap copy!

On being a real boy…

So what makes someone a proper author, and not just some wannabe hobbyist? It’s not the money. We all know that with a few exceptions, traditionally authors don’t make much. Now we can self-publish, is it just uploading to Amazon? Not so sure about that. Anyone can put up a single page containing nothing more than the word fuck written 200 times just for a lark. So the action of self-publishing may not be enough. Is it just the fact that you wrote The End at some point in your manuscript, whether you did anything with it or not? Is it only that you consider yourself a proper author?

I spent a long time feeling like I was just another hobbyist. Just one more wannabe author, scribbling away at a manuscript and stuffed with grubby little hopes that it might be moderately successful. Well, now I know I am a proper author, and it’s not because the book is available on Amazon, and it’s not because I’m making much money. I’m a long way from making a living from this. So far my earnings don’t even cover my coffee habit at my weekly writers’ group.

So what makes me finally feel like I’m a proper author?


I have had some incredible reviews and emails come in in the last few weeks. This is going to sound a little odd, but the best thing about sending your work out for review by total strangers is that you know they have absolutely no reason to be nice to you. Even if they are the nice type, if your work sucks, the best you’ll get is a lied: ‘Um yes, I quite enjoyed it.’ They’re certainly not going to rave about it. And I’ve got some raves. My ego may be going through the roof in fact. (I just corrected a typo on that last line. It originally read: my ego may be going through the foof, which is a different thing entirely, and also a somewhat curious concept)

So yes, I finally know I’m a real author (I’m a real boy, Geppetto) and not someone just playing at it. So a big thank you to all those readers who have taken the time to contact me and say nice things.

You are all fabulous. Thank you!