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I am an avid reader whose love of stories couldn’t help but spill over into writing them. I read almost every genre, but have a special love of fantasy and science fiction.

My debut novel, The Secret Dead, was published on 11 April 2014. You can find it on Amazon here. The second in the series, A Murder of Crones, was published in December 2014, and you can find it
here. I’m busy with the third.

I’ve also featured in some great anthologies: No Way Home, Crime and Punishment, and Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror 2015

If you want to know when I have anything new out, sign up for my New Releases Newsletter.  I hate my inbox getting filled up with random waffling I’m not going to read, so I don’t do it anyone else. You won’t get anything from me other than an email when I’ve got something new out.

If you’ve read my books and are popping by to stalk me, please say hello. Us writers thrive on feedback.

I am all over the internet. The best way to contact me is probably via Twitter or Facebook. Alternatively, you can ask me a question via my page on Goodreads.

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