Last chance to borrow on Amazon

I’m going to be removing my books from KDP Select on Amazon (which allows readers to borrow the books). This will be from 9 March for A Murder of Crones and 11 March for The Secret Dead.

Other authors have had a dip in income due to being in Select. This hasn’t had much of an effect on me (I’m not making much at the moment anyway) and I am getting a good number of borrows so I’ll be sorry to lose that. Whether readers will go on to buy them instead remains to be seen.

My real reason for taking them out of the program is simply because Amazon requires exclusivity to participate and this no longer makes sense. The exclusivity applies to giveaways of ebooks as well as sales on other platforms so it really restricts my ability to get my books out there to readers.

I think it’s a real pity about Amazon’s exclusivity clause. I don’t think it does any favours to readers or writers, and I really wish they’d get rid of it. I’m not convinced it’s such a bonus to Amazon either.

There are still going to be plenty of opportunities to get freebies. I’m going to try go perma-free on The Secret Dead and will do an ebook giveaway for Murder of Crones on Librarything later in the month (both not possible under the Select program).

Keep watching this space or follow me on twitter. I’ll announce when the giveaway is up and running.

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