And now…taking fan requests

I’ve had a few people tell me that while they enjoyed A Murder of Crones, it did take quite a different tack to what they were expecting: no zombies, not much of the police procedural etc.

This was done on purpose. I wanted to get Vivia’s backstory out of the way so I could get on with exploring the London Bones universe.

The next book is going to focus on a problem within Zee’s hive and I’m very excited about it.

That said, other than Zee (she seems to be a fan favourite), things  readers have said they’d like to see more of are: the history of zombie London, Vivia’s relationship with Charon the Boatman,  Shaun Little and his relationship with his neighbours …

I’ve been invited to contribute a longish (10,000 words) short story for an anthology that will be published in October. I’ve got some great ideas for it, but one of the wonderful things about publishing independently is that I can be really flexible about what I put out there. I thought I might take requests and give you what you want to read.  So tell me, what do you want to know? Any particular character you’d like to see shoved into the spotlight?

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