Announcing my retirement from public life…sort of

I need to get some work done, but…you know… internet.

So I’m going to be switching on my anti-social app, and keeping clear for a while. I’ll still log on and check emails once a day etc, but blogposts, twitter, facebook posts, and tumblr reblogs (tumblr is evil fyi) will slow down substantially. So don’t be surprised if you don’t see much from me in the next few weeks.

Once I’ve got a first draft of the next book done, I’ll jump back in, but for now I’m going to just get on with it.

FYI – for some reason A Murder of Crones didn’t have a title until the last minute because I couldn’t think of one that would fit. Book Three, however, has had a title from the beginning. It’s going to be called Hive Memory. Just so you know.

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