I’m not dead. I’m still alive.

not dead

Okay, firstly I apologise for doing the whole George R.R. Martin thing to anyone waiting for more books from me.

I took some time off from work to write The Secret Dead and A Murder of Crones, but now I am back to working full time. I am lucky enough to have an excellent day job (and have had enough awful ones to appreciate it), but it does mean that my available writing time has substantially diminished. I’m also not naturally a fast writer. I pick at it constantly.

Books are also pretty expensive to produce — covers, formatting, editing and so on, and putting out book three will likely cost more than I can afford. I’m going to look at doing a kickstarter or similar to cover the costs (I’ve got some great ideas for rewards), so if you’re interested in being notified when I’ve finally got my ass into gear enough to get it out there, sign up for my newsletter here.

Again, apologies. I’m plodding away at it, I promise.



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