One day my book will come

Hi all,

Another update because I am really bad at letting everyone know what’s going on. (Sorry).

I’ve got two main projects on the go at the moment (and a couple of side ones). The first is The Hive, the long overdue third installment of the Vivia series.  I’m not going to give you a date I expect to finish that because I keep doing that, and then missing it and feeling bad. I can promise that I’m working on it. The word count is going up a little every week, so it will be finished one of these days, unless I die young. (So pray for me).

The second is an anthology I’m curating and editing for charity. It’s a Sci Fi collection and will benefit the Alf Dubs Children’s Fund. They are a wonderful and worthy cause, so I suggest popping over to them and giving them money. They will do good things with it. That will be out later in the year.

The good news about that is that I’m contributing a story towards it on top of the editing. It’s going to take part in the same world as Oubliette, so if anyone was wondering what happened to Crabkie, it will be your chance to find out.

I’ve also got some other exciting news which I can’t share yet, but will do soon, so watch this space!


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