The mystery of Dr X

So, I have a character in the new book who is a doctor and I haven’t figured out his name yet,  so for now he’s just Dr X in my notes and the first draft.

And of course, that means I’ve had the line ‘Dr X will build a creature‘ from Rocky Horror stuck in my head for days. [insert earworm and manical laughter here. Mwah ha ha]

And then, because I was procrastinating (as you do), I googled Dr X and by god, there are a lot of them in fantasy/sci fi.


The first one gets away with it, but after that? I can’t help wondering how many writers did what I’ve done because they haven’t decided on a name, and then just think:  ‘Actually, just Dr X sounds pretty cool,’ and leave it at that.

I’m so tempted to give him a name starting with an X just because, but I can only think of Xavier.  And we all know there aren’t any  fantasy/scifi doctory types out there with that name…

Or maybe it counts as homage. Who knows? Decisions. Decisions. Watch this space.





2 thoughts on “The mystery of Dr X

  1. My family were given a game at Christmas where police and detectives chase ‘Mr X’ across London. (Mr X has to wear a visor thing to hide his eyes!) Any relation?

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